Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions Jamjoom Store The terms and conditions of the Jamjoom Store store change constantly, so be sure to keep visiting this page to stay informed of the changes. By entering and using our store, you implicitly agree to the terms and conditions shown on this page. All terms and conditions shown on the page do not contradict any of the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the laws of violation of privacy, intellectual property, and common ownership in force internationally. You can learn more about this by visiting the “Privacy Policy” page. Welcome to the Jamjoom Store, Below are the terms and conditions related to your use and access to the store pages: Your entry and use of the store (www.jamjoomstore.com) is your agreement to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement, which includes all the details below, and it is an affirmation of your commitment to comply with the content of this agreement regarding the Jamjoom Store store referred to herein. “We” and also referred to as “the store” in the rest of the “Terms and Conditions” clauses, and this agreement is considered effective as soon as you enter the site.


  • No one has the right to use the site if his membership in Jamjoom Store is cancelled
  • Registration for membership on our store is for the purpose of purchase only and not with any other purpose.
  • No member has the right to open two accounts at the same time for any reason, and the site administration has the right to freeze or stop any account it deems violating.

Accounts and registration obligations


Once you submit a registration request for membership on the site, you are required to disclose specific information and choose a user name and secret password to use when entering the site. When you activate your account, you will be considered a member of the site and thus you have agreed to:

1- You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and password. You agree to notify Jamjoom Store immediately of any unauthorized use of your login password or account, or any other breach of your confidential information.

2- Jamjoom Store will not be responsible, under any circumstances for any loss that may befall you directly or indirectly, morally or financially, as a result of revealing your username or login information.

3- By registering a membership on the Jamjoom Store website, you are considered the exclusively and sole responsible for any direct or indirect losses that may be incurred by the Jamjoom Store store as a result of any illegal or authorized use of your account by you or by any other person who obtained the keys to access your account on the website, whether by authorization. From you or without your authorization.

4- You agree to provide true, correct, updated and complete information about yourself as required in the registration form for the Jamjoom Store.

5- Do not include in the user name any of your contact details, such as email addresses, phone numbers, or any personal details, or the word Jamjoom Store, or any word that indicates the name of our store.

6- Jamjoom Store is committed to use your personal information and contact addresses with complete confidentiality

7- You will be obligated to maintain and always update the registration data to keep it true, correct and complete, and if you disclose information that is not true, incorrect, incomplete or in violation of what is stated in the terms and conditions agreement, Jamjoom Store has the full right to stop, limit or Cancel your membership and account on the site, without harming Jamjoom Store’s other rights and its legitimate means of recovering its rights.

8- Jamjoom Store has the absolute administration and at any time to conduct any investigations it deems necessary (directly or through a third party) and request that you disclose additional information or documents of any size to prove your identity and/or ownership of your financial instruments.

9- If the applicant for registration represents a commercial institution, you must provide all the required information and documents, which include your commercial license, other documents of the institution, and/or documents showing the responsibility of any person acting on your behalf.

10- In the case of non-compliance with any of the above, Jamjoom Store management has the right to suspend or cancel your membership and block you from the site. We also reserve the right to cancel any unconfirmed or unverified accounts, transactions, or accounts that have been inactive for a long period of time.

Amendment on Terms and conditions

-You know and agree that Jamjoom Store will make any amendment to the proposals and provisions, and hereby your rights will be adjusted or diminished as a result of any amendments that may be made to the proposals and provisions without the need to inform you.

-You agree that Jamjoom Store has absolute authority and without assuming legal responsibility to make basic or subsidiary amendments to this agreement without requiring additional approval from you at any time and with immediate effect without the obligation to inform you, and you can always find out about the amendments by referring to this the page.

-You agree that Jamjoom Store is a technical website on the Internet that allows buyers registered on the site to purchase goods on the site.

-Membership on the site is free.

-You may be charged additional fees or amounts for shipping products, and the site is obligated to inform you about them before purchasing.

-The website has the right to make amendments to the fees for shipping and delivery operations as it deems appropriate, and any amendment will be announced by emailing you or on the website. The amendments may be temporary or continuous, whether they are to fees or details of shipping services, and you must adhere to them according to their terms when they are announced.

-All fees are in Saudi Riyals. You must pay all fees due for your operations on the site, in addition to any other expenses added by the Jamjoom Store, provided that payment is made by the approved means for that.

-In the case of you do not commit to paying the fees or expenses charged for your operations on the site and the period exceeds 3 working days, Jamjoom Store, without any legal responsibility, reserves the right to cancel your purchase order.


The payment system in the Jamjoom Store store can be done entirely online through the payment options available on the Jamjoom Store store, which are cash on delivery, credit cards or any payment method that the Jamjoom Store store provides on the website from time to time.

Jamjoom Store has all the validity to choose the displayed product and the appropriate price for each product according to what the site deems appropriate

Jamjoom Store's job ends once you receive your purchases. In case of an exchange or return, you must contact the store directly

Personal information

1- You agree that Jamjoom Store has the right to dispose of your information within what is specified on this page and in the privacy policy page, permanently and irrevocably, through registration, purchase, or using the forms designated for communication and registration, or via any electronic message or Any of the communication channels available on the site. This is in order to operate and promote the site in accordance with the disclaimer agreement and privacy statement

2- You are the only one responsible for the information that you sent or published, and Jamjoom Store’s role is limited to allowing you to display this information on the site’s pages and through its advertising channels.

 You undertake, declare and warrant that you

You will comply with all applicable local and international laws in this regard, as well as the applicable terms and conditions regarding the use of the site


All content included in the site, including the texts, graphic designs, logos, button icons, symbols, audio clips, digital downloads, collected data and electronic programs, is the property of and its rights are reserved either to the Jamjoom Store or to the party responsible for designing the Jamjoom Store . And to the authors of these contents and the authorized persons, and they are protected by reserved copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual and creative property rights and laws.


The companies and trademarks that Jamjoom Store deals with, such as shipping companies, or displays their products on the site, are protected by the rights and laws of ownership of international and other intellectual trademarks.

 Products and customer reviews

The customer’s reviews of our products and services entitle Jamjoom Store Company to have full rights and powers to republish it on the site or marketing means without the customer’s consent.

Jamjoom Store has the right to correct any unintended error in electronic communications addressed to the customer, which may include advertisements, statements, notices, etc., and he will be informed of this as soon as he learns and before shipping the product or starting to implement the service. After reporting, the customer has the right to continue implementing the service after correcting or canceling the commitment and recovering what he paid, including other costs resulting from this error.

Shipping and delivery policy

1- It is worth noting that we strive with shipping companies to deliver to all cities, according to the coverage available to shipping companies. We apologize for executing the order if it is not within the shipping company’s coverage, and you will be informed of that, so you have the right to cancel the order and get the full amount back to your account only.

2- It is worth noting that the customer’s receipt of the shipment from the shipping company is considered an acknowledgment by the customer that the shipment (carton) is intact and in good condition and was not opened before receipt.

3-Any delay in delivering the shipment due to the carrier is considered outside the responsibility of Jamjoom Store Company.

4-If the order is returned by the carrier due to the customer not responding, repeated postponement, or an issue in the address entered, the customer will bear the shipping cost.

5- Your order will be delivered within a period ranging between (2-7) working days within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this period may extend to an additional ten days during seasons, sales, and Ramadan.

6- Shipping outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may be available in the future, such as shipping to the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain), and the rest of the world. In this case, your order will be delivered within a period ranging between (3-10) working days if your order is from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

7- When the operations team receives your order, an email and text message will be sent to you containing the purchase order number and the shipment number, and you can track the shipment’s path through the shipping company’s website.

8- If the customer is unable to receive the shipment, the order is considered canceled and the full amount due is refunded as a balance in the customer’s account on the site, or if the customer wants to recover the amount to the account of the card used in the purchase process, he must contact us so that we can do that.

9- Free shipping on orders according to company policy and what you deem appropriate

10- If not possible to reach the customer on the specified date for reasons on the part of the customer, Jamjoom Store Company does not bear any responsibility in the case of a delay in the shipment.

11- Cancellation is available before a long time passes after the order is processed in the warehouse and during working hours

12- Compensation with an alternative product due to damage to some products as a result of shipping conditions is done after reporting the problem within a maximum period of 1 days after receiving the order.

13- Compensation with an alternative product due to the availability of some products as a result of shipping conditions or any other reason is made after reporting the problem within a maximum period of 24 hours after receiving the order.

14- Discover the disclaimer that the company will keep the shipment for 7 days if it is not received by the customer and then return it to the warehouse.

15- Only one coupon is applied to each purchase order, and cannot apply more than one coupon in one purchase order. Jamjoom Store Company is not obligated to notify any customer if the coupon period expires.

Jamjoom Store Company reserves the right to cancel the order for any of the following reasons


  • If the delivery address given by the customer is wrong, the contact information is wrong, or the unable to reach the customer
  • The product is not currently available or the quantity has run out of stock